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Invest in what's realwhat's visiblewhat's valuable

1 Token = 1 SFTIt's time to invest & own a piece of asset

+10% Rental Yield with great capital appreciation

Low Minimum Ticket It starts with as low as ₹1,00,000

Nothing To Manage Auto rental distribution on time.

A Blockchain based asset tokenization By Polygon ERC-20

Explore diversified assets

Find properties by location and asset type across India & enjoy your consistent cashflows & ROI.

Grade A<br>Office spaces

Grade A
Office spaces

Land Plots



Hotels & <br>Suit Rooms

Hotels &
Suit Rooms

PG & Co-living<br>Spaces

PG & Co-living

Buy real estate like you buy Stocks

Investing in high-yielding assets has never been easier. Ryzer app provides you the platform to invest in real world assets that will earn for you.

Quick signup & KYC verification process.

Get your own blockchain wallet instantly.

Explore, forecast & choose to invest.

Real estate investing. For Real people.

For the first time, investors around the globe can buy India's best peforming real estate assets through fully-compliant, regulated tokenized ownership. Powered by Polygon blockchain.

Fully decentralised ready platform

Dedicated consensus DAO for each asset

SEBI approved Escrow management


Affordable & Inclusive

Ryzer's well vetted & verified asset token or share price starts with as low as ₹10,000

Look for long-term investment returns

Ryzer takes a longterm approach in order to provide greater capital appreciation.

Ownership Protection

Our stringent SPV structure & Blockchain data provides a great control to protect investors & asset.

A-Z Property management

Our team of asset management professionals & partners handles it all. Hassle free ownership & returns.

Be the barrier buster by buying together

Investing in a property requires huge capital, time & energy, It's time to change that. Let's break it by buying a share in the property with friends & family & reap the benefits of rental & capital appreciation.

Hassle-free ownership process with simplified legal agreements to help protect and align all co-owners of the property by decentralized DAO & it's voting rights for every individual property.

Ryzer utilizes blockchain protocols to store, share and exchange real time asset's data and transactions details from day one. Anyone can quickly audit an asset's accounts, statutory compliances of an SPV. Anytime, anywhere.

How it works

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to make real estate investment and build wealth.

Explore Assets

Browse types of assets and forecast expected returns by viewing detailed financial data, inspection reports, and documents.

Select & Invest

Purchase tokens starting from ₹10,000 and become a direct owner in an asset's LLP. Get your first rental payment by end of the first month.

Earn returns & sell anytime

Asset tokens appreciate on monthly basis. You can sell your tokens anytime you want. No lock-up periods. You can sit back, relax & enjoy property returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tokenised Fractional ownership in real estate describes an investment process wherein a number of investors join together to invest & buy a real estate asset so that all of them can benefit from a share of the income  that the asset generates and an appreciation in the value of the property over a period of time.

And it all runs on blockchain ledger from start to exit of your investment, This would bring outmost transparency & crystal clear audit on all financial activities, rental distributions, share holding & voting rights etc...

Ryzer is a blockchain tokenization investment platform that makes it easy to start investing in real world assets and diversifying your investment portfolio—just like investing in a stocks or mutual funds. With as little as Rs. 5000, first-time investors can begin building their real estate investment portfolio by leveraging the power of blockchain technology which helps select and secure high-growth Open land, residential, commercial, and on-going development assets from the Ryzer platform.

Enjoy industry-leading flexibility with shorter time horizons, a great mix of high-growth assets, and stress-free exit capabilities. 

That's you, Yes you and your share holders hold a property by owning a portion of shares in an holding LLP that was specifically formed.

Ryzer facilitates discovery of investment opportunities and provides you with online accessibility & experience that enable you to invest, manage and exit from your investment in a trusted and transparent environment with designated LLP that was formed when a property listed, Once you invested, you become a shareholder in that LLP by owning a portion of shares. 

Normally annualised returns could vary from 14-20% based on the opportunity. While these returns are not guaranteed, they are more or less predictable. Every opportunity comes with its unique risk return profile and investors are advised to evaluate each one of the them based on their own investment goals and risk-appetite.

You can make returns with Asset tokens in two ways

  1. The sale of the asset you’ve invested in and its monthly rental income.
  2. When an asset is sold, any appreciation is paid back to investors in addition to their investment principal. 

For each asset listed on the Ryzer Platform, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is created in which funds are raised to purchase, own and manage the property. Your investment shall be towards subscription of the shares and compulsorily convertible debentures of the SPV that holds the property and represents your fractional investment.

Ryzer will provide asset management services to the SPV and undertake accounting, secretarial, reporting, leasing, maintenance and other operational aspects under the asset management services contract with the SPV.

We at Ryzer believe that all real estate benefits from tokenization for the following reasons:

1. Creates the opportunity for a marketplace to buy, sell, or trade tokens of real estate.

2. Reduces/Eliminates intermediaries.

3. Increases liquidity of traditionally illiquid assets.

4. Increases access to fractional ownership.

5. Decentralisation creates trust and security.

6. Allows real estate transactions to truly become peer-to-peer.

7. Allows investors to diversify their risk.

Real voice from real investors

Minish Mishra, CA

“Love the ability to invest in assets which typically not available for common prope, Great work by Ryzer team “

Minish Mishra, CA

Ashank Mittal, CEO @ REET

“Ryzer is truly a great solution that provides on-chain trust and transaparency when it comes to real world investment oppertunites“

Ashank Mittal, CEO @ REET

Rohan Sharan, CEO @ Timechain Labs

“Product's user experience is really cool, love the way how an app provides an data right from asset documents, and due diligence to decentralised DAO treasury. It's fully decentralized.“

Rohan Sharan, CEO @ Timechain Labs

Join The Future Of Asset Tokenization

Ryzer is a power packed alternative investment platform that provides great assets across India by levering the true sense of blockchain. Trust, Transparency & investor's control is truly amazing.

Take a step toward your financial freedom

It's time to buy shares of an asset as low as ₹10,000

A Blockchain based asset tokenization By Polygon ERC-20

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